50 in 250

Take on the 50 in 250 challenge

What is the 50 in 250 campaign?

Join the business change initiative and become one of 50 companies to buy products and services from at least 5 genuine social enterprises certified with the Social Enterprise Mark, within 250 days. Contact Anne Mountjoy to find out more.

Your Company’s Lasting Legacy

By using professional Social Enterprise Mark holders to fulfill your company’s supply demands you will become a forward thinking, socially sustainable company that will help pave the way for a new change in business. You can be sure that social enterprises certified with the Social Enterprise Mark have been assessed using robust criteria, which is overseen by the independent Certification Panel. See the qualification criteria in more detail here.

How does the 50 in 250 campaign work?

The overarching idea is to get 50 companies to pledge to buy from at least 5 Social Enterprise Mark holders within 250 days.

This ambitious challenge is attracting the media’s attention and is gathering pace as organisations sign up to the resolution. These include: City of London Corporation, KPMG, Wates Group, Telereal Trillium, Sho-Net, Connect Housing, HRS Mot Test Centre, Clevercherry, CorOffice.

This campaign has been designed to provide corporate organisations with a meaningful and easy way to develop an ethical supply chain. For minimal input, you could reap huge benefits in terms of leading the movement of using social enterprises in your supply chain to demonstrate really meaningful corporate social responsibility and enhance your corporate ethical credentials.

You will be centre stage in this current debate, as well as receiving many PR opportunities and developing your networks.

Mark Powderham, Head of European Procurement, KPMG, said:
“KPMG is keen to support the 50in250 campaign. We actively seek to include social enterprises, minority-ethnic owned businesses and other target supplier groups in our sourcing activities and tenders. To this end, we are pursuing a 2 tier strategy, including social enterprises in our own tenders for HR & marketing-related goods & services, and engaging with our top 50 suppliers to encourage them to include diverse suppliers in their own supply-chains, both generally and specifically in support of services provided to KPMG.”

What can I buy?

Social Enterprise Mark holders provide a wide range of products and services which you can incorporate into your supply chain, including:

Beers, ciders and fruit juices
Building Renovation and refurbishment
Conference and event supplies and services
Design and print
Digital media, including film and music services
Equality training and consultancy services
Gardening services
Human resource consultancy services
Interior design and project management
IT and web services
Leisure services
Managed workspace
Marketing, brand, communications, events services
Office supplies
PAT Testing
Property maintenance services
Public artwork, including signage, sculpture, paving, fountain
Telephone services
Teambuilding and corporate environmental events
Training: health & safety, first aid, manual handling, fire safety, nutrition
Transcription services: Braille, large print, audio
Venue hire

If you already buy from 5 Mark holders you can immediately be part of the campaign! Simply compare your supplier register against the Social Enterprise Mark directory and contact us to celebrate your innovative business and ethical supply chain.

The business 50 in 250 event

To celebrate the campaign launch, The City of London Corporation held an event at the Guildhall. It was attended by leading social enterprises and opened by Gordon Morris, Chair of the Social Enterprise Mark Company and Managing Director of Age UK Enterprises, the largest financial organisation to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark and Paul Sizeland, Director of Economic Development at the City of London Corporation. KPMG and Wates also spoke at the event. The event showcased certified social enterprises’ products and services.

Gordon Morris, Chair of the Social Enterprise Mark Company said: “We are very excited to be launching a campaign which directly supports business to achieve positive benefit to their communities through their commercial activity. 50 in 250 will deliver a step change in the social enterprise sector by encouraging, and supporting, large businesses to integrate social enterprises into their supply chain. It is time for greater recognition of the power of social enterprise to realise benefits for business and our communities alike. Age UK Enterprises, as a supporter of this campaign, will be encouraging customers and partners to sign up.”

Sophie Hulm, Corporate Responsibility Manager at the City of London commented: “In supporting this launch event, the City of London has already procured from two social enterprises; the caterers (Cafe Sunlight) and event management company (Sensevents). The quality was incredible and the price very competitive! We also have the added bonus of knowing that our money has contributed towards building capacity in the 3rd sector and improving health inequity and well-being. With the support of City businesses, the economic and social impacts delivered by social enterprises could be immense. City businesses want to procure more ethically, but there is a common misconception that social enterprises do not provide the goods and services that are required. That’s why the new ‘City Buyer’s Directory of Certified Social Enterprises’, which accompanied the London event, is so important”.

Why should I get involved?

By becoming involved in the 50 in 250 campaign your organisation will be at the forefront of educating other businesses and the public about the value of using social enterprises whilst positioning yourself as a champion for sustainable trading.

For more information contact

Anne Mountjoy
0845 504 6536

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