How can the Social Enterprise Mark benefit your business?

Benefits of the Social Enterprise Mark

  1. The Social Enterprise Mark protects the integrity of social enterprises through its transparent and impartial licensing process.  Licenses are overseen annually by an independent Certification Panel proving profits are used for the benefit of society rather than shareholders.
  2. The Social Enterprise Mark proves you’re a social enterprise creating social value. It is the pathway to becoming a more effective social enterprise.
  3. It delivers national campaigns designed for you to use, to celebrate your certified status, to raise your profile and increase your sales.
  4. It provides access to marketing collateral to help you make the most of your Mark – making it easy for you to communicate your prestigious status to all of your stakeholders.
  5. It provides a range of communications opportunities to promote your organisation to an audience of millions, including the Directory of Certified Social Enterprises, which acts as endorsement your certified status. The Directory provides access to like-minded and certified social enterprises, that want to do business with each other.

Not all certification schemes are born equal…

Why not ask our Mark Holders?

The Mark helped Café Sunlight win more than £35k new business.  They achieved approved status as an event caterer at Oxford Town Hall.  Cafe Sunlight said: “This is related to the 50in250 campaign,  and there is no doubt in my mind that the track record of venues/clients picked up from 50in250 enabled us to successfully bid for Oxford.”

“As a certified social enterprise, our ethos is “for patients, not for profit”. The Social Enterprise Mark proves our values and purpose in delivering the best possible care to our patients.” Dr Mark Reynolds, Integrated Care 24

Porchlight have noticed how the Social Enterprise Mark has helped impact the decisions of commissioners and donors. Stakeholders recognise their social mission and social value by looking for the Social Enterprise Mark.

The Social Enterprise Mark has helped to strengthen brand values and differentiates Carn Brea Leisure Centre from their competition as an ethical organisation working for the good of the community. The Social Enterprise Mark perfectly fits with their brand ethos and values. It is the ideal way to demonstrate their ongoing social values as part of a wide network of other certified social enterprises.

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Still not sure?

Only those organisations displaying the Social Enterprise Mark have been through an annual assessment process, backed by an independent Certification Panel, and are licensed to call themselves certified social enterprises. Not everyone can achieve the Social Enterprise Mark, but we always give advice on how to reach our standards.

The Social Enterprise Mark is for those that are committed to genuine social enterprise principles and want to demonstrate the truth about their business. For enhanced accreditation and social enterprise excellence, apply for the Social Enterprise Gold Mark

Download the infographic to help you decide which Mark is right for you.