Do you prefer to spend your money buying from a business that has society and the environment at its heart?

Social enterprises plough the majority of their profits back into activities that benefit people and planet, rather than just lining shareholders pockets. Wouldn’t it be better if your local authority thought like this when buying local services?

The Social Enterprise Mark will establish social enterprise as the business of choice for everyone. The Mark is a social enterprise guarantee when a business is trading for people and planet – just look for the Social Enterprise Mark.

Social enterprises work in many different industries, from recycling to housing, to health and care, to transport, to culture and leisure. They achieve great things but many people are not aware of this and have yet to learn of their value in today’s society.

Customers are demanding a different way of doing business and are looking for labels to help them make the right choices. ICM research revealed 74% of customers* would rather buy from a company that makes decisions based on concern for society and the environment. Now that’s where the Mark can make a big difference to your buying decisions. You can use it to identify businesses committed to trading for people and planet, just follow the link to find these businesses near you{link to google map}.

The Social Enterprise Mark is confirmation that these organisations have been independently assessed and have passed defined criteria for social enterprise. You can help the Social Enterprise Mark to become as widely recognised as Fairtrade is now after 25 years. The Mark is telling the story of businesses that make a real difference to society. They strive to make profits to fulfil their social aims, rather than making profits for owners or shareholders.

*Research carried out by ICM Research and published by RISE in 2009.

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