This is a summary of our terms and conditions. Please read the full Terms carefully before applying for a Trade Mark Licence.

You should understand that by applying for a Trade Mark Licence, you agree to be bound by these Terms. You should print a copy of these Terms for future reference. Please click on the "I Accept" button at the end of these Terms to indicate your acceptance of these Terms.  Please understand that if you refuse to accept these Terms, you will not be accepted as a Licensee by us.


If you are successful in applying for a trade mark licence you will be granted:

  • a non-exclusive licence (this means that you and others who are granted a licence can use the mark);
  • to use the mark in the manufacture, promotion, distribution and sale of products and services.

The products and services for which you can use the mark are set out at Schedule 2 of the full trade mark licence terms and conditions.  If you would like to use the mark in connection with any products and services which are not listed in Schedule 2, please let us know and we may permit this.


The trade mark licence is currently restricted to the United Kingdom only. If you would like to use the mark outside the United Kingdom, please let us know the countries in which you would like to use the mark when completing the application form and we may permit this.


The licence fee is charged annually plus VAT according to the annual income of the business. Click to view the price of the Mark

If you are applying for a trade mark licence online, you must pay when your application is approved. If the trade mark licence continues for any subsequent period of 12 months, you will be invoiced when your licence is due for renewal.


You must ensure that you hold the following insurance policies prior to submitting an application form:

  • product liability insurance; and
  • comprehensive general liability insurance.

I understand there is an annual licence fee payable for the Social Enterprise Mark, as shown here.

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