Social impact guidance

We offer tailored support and guidance to applicants and renewing Mark holders in producing Social Impact Statements

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Please note

  1. At the very least you must provide a statement regarding your social inputs
  2. It is not sufficient to simply refer to external data or links
  3. We use these statements when promoting Mark Holders, so they should help summarise and exemplify what you do and what you consider to be your key achievements over the last year
  4. There is a maximum 2800 character limit (approx. 400 words) for each statement
  5. In all it’s forms, references to the term “social” includes all environmental interests
The key word here is illustrate.

You need to:

  1. Describe how you have fulfilled objectives and how you have been trying to make a difference
  2. Give examples of what you have done
  3. Confirm the social benefits created for your stakeholders

Community of interest

We ask you to confirm which groups of people, or areas of social benefit, represent your community of interest.

This could include groups of people who share specific social impediments or similar concerns that your social enterprise is trying to create opportunities for, help achieve a better quality of life etc.

Social Inputs

You should attempt to summarise what you have invested time and resources in – i.e. specific actions you have taken, ongoing activities etc that at least imply the fulfilment of social objectives.

You are being asked to describe how you have gone about serving different stakeholder interests and providing other obvious community benefits.

Your response to this question should describe how you have gone about fulfilling specific objectives, what you have actually done and delivered.

Social Outputs

In this section you are being asked to provide details on how widely you have provided different services and activities, the breadth and depth of delivery, levels of engagement.

For example:

Numbers of people who have accessed services, received assistance etc

Social Outcomes

Outcomes are the benefits arising from your inputs and outputs.

Answering this question provides the final link in describing how you have made a difference in people’s lives, to the community of interest you serve.

As far as is possible, when expressing outcomes you should endeavour to provide measures of difference that help define the context of benefit and improvement you have helped bring about. You may also have measures to report which specifically concern the added social value you have created.

Please note

Although it is not an absolute requirement, we reserve the right to request additional evidence in support of how you are meeting Criterion F, as part of standard verification processes.

You must therefore ensure that the statements you provide are accurate and can be corroborated, either through independent verification or other evidence you can call upon.