We are looking for exciting opportunities to bring the Social Enterprise Mark and the businesses that use it, to a much wider audience.

Perhaps you want to use the Mark to find suppliers? Perhaps you want to provide a bursary for your business customers to get the Mark? You could celebrate the Mark holders that exist in your network? Working with the Mark may bring added value to your corporate responsibility (CSR) programme – see the 50in250 campaign for more information.

There are enormous opportunities to show your commitment and support for social enterprise. Contact us to explore ways we can help.

The Social Enterprise Mark makes it easy to do business with those organisations that put people and planet alongside profit because of it’s proof that a business is trading for good.

The Social Enterprise Mark saves commissioners, procurement managers and buyers the hassle of checking if a business is an authentic social enterprise because we’ve already checked it against our own strict criteria. Save yourself the hassle – look for the Social Enterprise Mark.

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