The Mark

The Social Enterprise Mark validates and differentiates your business as a genuine social enterprise from private sector competition through the robust, independent assessment process.

The Social Enterprise Mark is the only way to prove your social enterprise truly operates as one. The Mark is the only guarantee which proves profits are spent on social purposes. There is no UK-wide, legal definition of social enterprise, so to demonstrate your social value, register for the Mark.

The Social Enterprise Mark strengthens your brand values, positioning and credibility. It raises the profile of your business to your current and potential future customers, investors and partners through its campaigning and personalised marketing support service.

The Social Enterprise Mark:

  • Demonstrates your social value
  • Is the only guarantee that profits/surpluses are used to fulfil a social or environmental purpose
  • Provides marketing support and advice
  • Promotes your goods and services to our network of around half a million people, including the network of innovative social enterprises who want to buy from you through the online directory
  • Joins you together with a network of cutting-edge social enterprises, through events and online networks
  • Provides free access to our evolving product and service range. We are currently offering a newly developed Social Enterprise Mark E-Masterclass that you can use to engage your staff and help them understand what it means to work in a social enterprise
  • Gives access to deals which we broker with other Mark holders – we only promote those businesses which have a relationship with us

Understanding the criteria

Register for the Mark

How much does the Mark cost?

What are the key features and benefits?

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