Accreditation Panels

Our assessment processes are overseen by a group of independent Accreditation Panels.

These voluntary Panels ensure that the criteria for our accreditations are rigorously applied, and also set precedents in complex applications

The Panels also perform regular spot-checks on applications to ensure the level of assessment remains high across our accreditation services.

To protect the integrity of the criteria, the Panels are voluntary and work according to agreed Terms of Reference. They are made up of representatives from different backgrounds and with experience/knowledge of the different criteria being examined.

Social Enterprise Mark CIC accreditation badges

Social Enterprise Mark Panel

The Social Enterprise Mark Accreditation Panel oversees assessments for the Social Enterprise Mark and Social Enterprise Gold Mark.

Disability Employment Marks Panel

The Disability Employment Mark Accreditation Panel oversees assessment for our bespoke accreditations for the disability employment sector.

Social Enterprise Mark CIC disability employment marks