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  • Healthier Futures is a social enterprise and our mission is to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. We do this by:

    • making smoking history for children;
    • creating communities free from alcohol harm;
    • empowering communities to live longer, healthier, happier lives

    Building on our international track record as Tobacco Free Futures, we have recently evolved into Healthier Futures to reflect how we are now tackling a range of health issues relating to tobacco and alcohol, as well as integrated lifestyle issues.

    Contact the Healthier Futures team on 0161 817 3555 or email info@healthierfutures.org

  • Address: 2nd Floor Lancaster Buildings, 77 Deansgate
    Greater Manchester
    M3 2BW
    United Kingdom
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  • Social Impact Statements:

    Social Impact Statements

    The Social Enterprise Mark criteria includes a requirement that the applicant can demonstrate that social and/or environmental objectives are being achieved.

    In support of this, new applicants and renewing Mark holders must submit Social Impact Statements that summarise their headline activities and achievements, helping show how they are striving to make a difference and stand up to scrutiny of purpose as a social enterprise.


    1) Healthier Futures is a team of leading experts in public health

    Building on our international track record as Tobacco Free Futures, we have recently evolved into Healthier Futures to reflect how we are now tackling a range of health issues relating to tobacco and alcohol, as well as integrated lifestyle issues.

    As Healthier Futures we co-ordinate comprehensive programmes to tackle tobacco and alcohol harm, helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. We work with lots of different people locally and nationally to make this happen, including local authorities, NHS organisations, community groups, schools, colleges and national government organisations. This includes:

    • Tackling tobacco addiction by amplifying Public Health England Stoptober and New Year national quit campaigns in the North West, supporting local quitters to tell their story through the media, encouraging more people to sign up to receive quit kits and quit smoking, as well as encouraging people to visit stop smoking services
    • Supporting recent smokefree cars legislation, pulling together stories of local people who have benefitted from pledging to make their cars and homes smokefree and promoting them through social media and through the local press
    • Delivering our ‘See What Sam Sees’ campaign in Greater Manchester which encourages young people to raise awareness of alcohol advertising by taking a picture of it and sharing with friends online to create a debate and enable young people to be more aware of industry marketing tactics
    • Continuing our strategic tobacco control work with national partners as part of the Smokefree Action Coalition to understand the evidence and make recommendations regarding proposed public health measures, including a focus on standardised cigarette packaging which was implemented in May 2016
    • Creating the world’s first regional campaign for smokefree events for children and families - Smokefree Summer – across parts of the North West. The success of the campaign led to a spin-off – Smokefree Spring
    • Working directly with young people across the UK to help expose the truth about the tobacco and alcohol industries as part of our award-winning Smoke and Mirrors programme
    • Helping people to understand how secondhand smoke in the home and car is extremely dangerous to health – especially children
    • Implementing our Supporting a Smokefree Pregnancy scheme in parts of the North West and in two other areas across England to offer comprehensive support to help pregnant women who are smoking to quit through enhanced support and incentives
    • Helping tackle the illegal tobacco market across the UK with managed programmes and using our award-winning Keep It Out multi-platform campaign including online video, radio adverts and PR


    2) Key activities 2015/16

    • As part of our Stoptober and Smokefree Cars amplification we increased public awareness and engagement. We helped secure 116 stories across the North West, worth around £410,000 in PR value. This helped lead to 10,326 people signing up to quit smoking in Cheshire and Merseyside and 12,291 people in Greater Manchester – both figures up from 2014, although the year-on-year national figure was down. For the New Year quit campaign we helped secure 25 stories including national coverage leading to £44,000 worth of PR value.
    • Last year we successfully engaged dozens of young people through our Smoke & Mirrors campaign as part of a programme of events delivered across the UK and countless more through social media, helping them see through the illusion of the tobacco and alcohol industries.
    • As part of Smokefree Summer 2015, 29 existing events became smokefree, benefiting over 35,000 people who attended. We achieved positive PR coverage, with 64 local stories worth over £181,000 in PR value including local papers and radio through to Newsround and BBC News with 5.4m opportunities for people to read or hear about the campaign.
    • We successfully engaged over 120,000 people in the North West who responded to consultations to have their say on tobacco policy and regulation including 60,000 people on the issue of standardised packaging.
    • In West Yorkshire, along with our partners Fresh in the North East, we generated 7.2million opportunities for people to understand the dangers of illegal tobacco and encourage them to report illegal activity through radio adverts, an online video, social media and through PR. This generated 52 stories worth around £73,000 in PR value. Publicity led to over 30 reports to our website reporting form.
    • Our Supporting a Smokefree Pregnancy programme found that of the 403 women who joined the scheme, 69% of women quit at 4 weeks with 52% of those remaining quit at 3 months post-partum. This compares to an average 4 week quit rate of 41% for standard services.
    • We commissioned public insight work across Greater Manchester and Cheshire & Merseyside to gain an understanding of residents’ behaviour and attitudes in regard to alcohol and alcohol-related issues. This will be used to inform local policy and advocacy work.


    3) Key outcomes of activities

    • Our work to amplify national campaigns helps people understand the dangers of smoking and encourages them to take the next step in their quit journey. This includes through education via materials, inspiration through success stories and raising awareness of support. More quitters means huge financial benefit to society through savings to the NHS, social care and through increased productivity.
    • Greater awareness of the massive impact secondhand smoke has on passengers, especially children encourages people to stop smoking in confined spaces leading to reductions in hospital admissions for secondhand smoke. It also reduces negative role modelling for children.
    • Our strategic work with national partners will provide benefits now and for generations to come as we ensure legislation is put in place to encourage young people to not take up smoking by introducing standardised packaging for tobacco products.
    • Smokefree Summer and Spring have helped create a wider movement and discussion around promoting healthy behaviour to children and families. It challenges the myth that ‘everyone smokes’ and it’s ‘ok’ to smoke in front of children. Reducing public areas where people can smoke helps people to stay smokefree or even quit. Less smoking outside also reduces litter and creates healthier environments for everyone.
    • Our Smoke & Mirrors programme connects with young people on issues that they care about – marketing, manipulation, child labour and deforestation. The programme also encourages them to take action and pass on their concerns to their friends. This peer-to-peer approach means young people engage each other and are less likely to enter into a lifetime of smoking and alcohol abuse.
    • Smoking whilst pregnant causes up to 5,000 miscarriages, 300 perinatal deaths and 2,200 premature births in the UK each year. Helping pregnant women to quit saves lives and money – with a premature delivery costing up to £12,000 each.
    • Raising awareness on how illegal tobacco makes it harder for children to start smoking and easier for adults to stop. It also makes people uncomfortable about buying it, leading to less demand. This coupled with our wider programme of enforcement, which reduces supply creates a reduction in the illegal tobacco market, leading to health benefits and more tax paid.