The Disability Employment Mark

Prove your credentials as a social enterprise, supported business or local authority committed to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity

Evidence your credentials as an exemplar employer of disabled people and demonstrating equality, inclusion and diversity in their employment practices.

The Disability Employment Mark (DEM) is a new accreditation that has been designed specifically for social enterprise supported businesses and local authorities that have a focus on providing employment for people with physical disabilities, long-term health conditions and/or recognised mental health challenges.

It has been developed with the aim of providing assurance for commissioners and disabled people on the specialist supportive environment within the accredited organisation.

It builds on the experience and evidence of Disability Confident, the Social Enterprise Mark and Gold Mark accreditations, as well as customs and practices of the Supported Business community as exemplar employers and businesses.

The government’s Improving Lives: the Future of Work, Health and Disability report sets out the strategy for an improved, joined-up approach part of which includes a ten-year programme of change to see one million more disabled people in work by 2027.

Following the pilot assessment of a number of supported businesses and local authorities and in line DWP’s stated principle that SEDEM can be used as evidence for the employer element of the Access to Work Plus, Proof of Concept, we have made a number of improvements to make the accreditation framework more tailored as well as combining both SEDEM and LADEM into one accreditation – The Disability Employment Mark (DEM) that is now open for invited applications.

Please email us to arrange an appointment to discuss your DEM application in more detail.

What are the benefits?

Prove your social enterprise credentials, by submitting to the scrutiny of a rigorous external assessment process. With annual checks against criteria, you can assure customers/partners that you are operating ethically, commercially and upholding sector-agreed standards, with a focus on equality, inclusion and diversity employment opportunities.

The Social Enterprise Disabity Employment Mark was developed in partnership with the Supported Business Steering Group. It aims to provide assurance to commissioners/funding bodies on the quality of employment outcomes that are created for disabled people.

Demonstrate your good practice as an exemplar employer in promoting equality and diversity, by providing valuable support to those people that encounter the greatest barriers to work, enabling them to find and maintain meaningful employment.

You will be featured in a unique directory that lists only accredited social enterprises and shows their social impact, which is viewed by over 500 visitors per month.

Stand out from competitors, by demonstrating you have been externally scrutinised against robust accreditation criteria, and have proven that your organisation puts people and planet before the interests of shareholders.

Prove how you are delivering social value through the employment of people with disabilities or long-term health conditions.

Our social impact questions are designed to help you think about the social impact you create, and to communicate this clearly and succinctly. We also create a Social Impact Declaration for all Mark Holders, to summarise how you are striving to make a difference and standing up to scrutiny of purpose as a social enterprise supported business or local authority. We also publish full statements of how you commit to make a difference by supporting disabled people into employment.

We facilitate collaboration amongst our international network of social enterprises, and encourage our Mark holders to work in partnership to create combined social value.

Mark holders have access to networking and peer learning opportunities at our annual conference, with a varied and interactive programme to stimulate debate and learning, as well as sharing knowledge and good practice.

Fee Tiers for Disability Employment Mark

Annual Licence Fee Schedule for Disability Employment Mark 

Tier Turnover of business as stated in company’s most recent annual accounts DEM fee based on one business applicant + VAT Uplift for each additional business that DEM is applied to
0 <£150,000 £460 £90
1 £150,000 – £499,999 £590 £120
2 £500,000 – £999,999 £730 £150
4 £1m – £2.99m £910 £180
5 £3m – £5.99m £1,000 £200
6 £6m – £9.99m £1,980 £400
7 £10m – £14.99m £2,900 £580
8 £15m – £30m £4,360 £870


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