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Roots HR salary review offer

Make sure that you are paying your staff an appropriate salary by taking advantage of Roots HR’s offer of free salary benchmarking.

Receive free salary benchmarking for 1 role when you have 4 roles benchmarked, saving £175; Roots HR CIC’s best ever salary benchmarking offer!

Salary benchmarking is a way to determine the market value of a given role.  Having this information informs annual pay reviews, aids recruitment, assists with employee retention and minimises the risk of equal pay claims.

The salary benchmarking package includes:

  • Salary benchmarking research and report for 5 roles *
  • Benchmarking is based on Croners Salary Search and other relevant sector data and includes parameters for organisation’s income, staff numbers and location etc
  • Pay range and recommended pay band for the role provided with explanatory commentary.

*Roles must be benchmarked by 31 May 2018. Standard T’s & C’s apply

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Offer available until 5pm on 28th February 2018.