Have you applied for funding from grant-making trusts and foundations?

If you have applied for, or received funding from grant-making trusts and foundations, Foundational Thinking invite you to complete their short survey, based on emerging themes from a literature review of the practice of grant-making trusts and foundation.

Foundational Thinking is a Flip Finance project set up to explore the ways in which grant-making trusts and foundations can better serve the needs of the organisations they support and, ultimately, their mission. The organisation has embarked upon an independent, comprehensive and critical overview of the evidence of the practices of grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK, and is keen to support this with a snapshot of the perspective from organisations which receive funding from grant-makers.

It is therefore on the look-out for charities, community group, social enterprises and other organisations who have applied for, or received, funding from grant-making trusts and foundations to complete a short survey as part of its research. The questions are based on emerging themes from our review of the evidence.

Please click here to access the survey.