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How Millfields Trust has supported tenants through the pandemic

Social landlord Millfields Trust has commended their business tenants on their commitment, business acumen, diversity and bravery throughout this pandemic. A situation we all hope not to see again in our lifetime for many reasons, but for business an incredibly difficult time for many.

With a wide range of businesses residing at the Millfields Trust premises, some have been hit harder than others. During this time of uncertainty, Millfields Trust itself has had to adjust and adopt working practices to ensure business continuity. Their priority remains their community of Stonehouse in Plymouth, their tenants and many other stakeholders.

Throughout this time, they have provided support to tenants and changed the way they do things through the following actions:

  • Regular contact from all staff members, ensuring tenants know the support available from the Government regarding available financial support. Many have welcomed a friendly chat as well
  • A competition for a free office makeover
  • Given the buildings and grounds a makeover
  • Each tenant  received a “welcome back” gift after the first lockdown
  • In partnership with Nudge, provided Genesis as a base to increase Wi-Fi for the local Stonehouse community, thanks to Pete at Outersight
  • Table and chairs in a garden covered by a sun awningCreated a new outside meeting space for anybody to use
  • Financially supported tenants where possible
  • Froze rental prices this financial year to continue financial support to tenants
  • Supported tenants who have made the choice to reduce overheads and make the decision to work from home
  • Flexible office spaces have enabled them to accommodate tenants wishing to downsize or expand to meet business growth
  • Office space with a sign on the wall saying 'The Plant Room'Created additional co-working space to meet demand and social distancing guidelines with the added introduction of fixed desks
  • Launched a new website and created regular blogs to keep their audience informed and up to date with latest news
  • Contributed to the `Small Business Toolkit` in partnership with the Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
  • Produced a Millfields Trust Business Start-up guide for people wishing to start their own business
  • All buildings are Covid Secure, including Conferencing facilities.

Millfields Trust has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure their business premises continue to work for all tenants and they very much look forward to the days when the buildings are once again bustling with activity.