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IC24 publishes first social impact report

Integrated Care 24 (IC24) has recently published it’s first ever social impact report, which is designed to showcase the breadth of contribution that the organisation makes to the healthcare economy, wider society and the people it serves.

IC24 provides urgent unscheduled primary care services across the south and east of England, and as a social enterprise ensures that any surpluses are reinvested into the service and good causes. Throughout the year, it has raised thousands of pounds for charity, and invested in new technology and development opportunities for staff to make sure that it is a sustainable organisation, which continues to provide great care to patients.

Social Enterprise Gold Mark

The concept for the report came following feedback from the full review of their Social Enterprise Gold Mark accreditation last year, which IC24 has held since 2014. This process emphasised the importance of not just being a good social enterprise, but evidencing it too, and prompted IC24 to develop their own impact measurement and reporting systems.

IC24 Chief Executive Yvonne Taylor said: “Our recent Gold Mark re-accreditation process highlighted the importance of not just saying we are a good social enterprise, but also demonstrating that too, which is why we have produced this report.

“Each month we receive lots of feedback from our patients thanking us for the care they have received. We continue to improve the quality of our services through the investment of any surplus into our services and our people so we remain an innovative sustainable organisation for years to come.”

Richard Cobbett, Assessment and Compliance Manager at Social Enterprise Mark CIC, who was responsible for the review assessment, said: “IC24 have been a Social Enterprise Gold Mark for over six years now. Their recent social impact report is a testament to how working with such standards is as much about informing their development as a business committed to maintaining social enterprise excellence, as it is about recognising such practice through holding the accreditation.

The report is a direct response to how they have responded to different criteria requirements and assessment feedback, using this to reflect upon their operational practices and outputs, so that they can better focus and report upon what distinguishes them as an excellent social enterprise, working in a very challenging sector.”

Click here to download the social impact report.