Why become an accredited social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark?

Key benefits of becoming an accredited social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark

Externally assessed independent guarantee that your organisation trades primarily for the benefit of society and the environment.




Credibility 71


The independent assessment process safeguards the credibility of  genuine social enterprises that can prove their commitment to creating benefits for people and planet

Opportunities for partnership and collaboration, plus access to networking and peer learning at our annual conference, with a varied and interactive programme to stimulate debate and shared learning
Discussion Panel

Social Enterprise Mark CIC are the world pioneers of social enterprise accreditation, working with international partners to raise the global profile of social enterprise.

Be part of a growing international network, with opportunities to do business with like-minded organisations across the UK and across international borders.

Take advantage of exclusive resources to promote your status a a guaranteed social enterprise, creating benefits for people and the planet.

Our communications channels are a valuable resource for you to raise your profile:

  • extensive social media reach
  • opportunity to feature your news in our weekly news bulletin
  • our online directory, viewed by over 750 people per month

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