Making a Mark Competition Finalists

Celebrating the incredible impact that social enterprises have created during the Covid-19 outbreak

The Making a Mark competition is back!

After a break last year due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our annual competition for our community of accredited social enterprises has returned for 2021.

This is an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the incredible responses to the Covid-19 outbreak and how social enterprises have demonstrated resilience and adaptability to continue providing much needed support to local communities and wider society during this challenging time.

This year, we invited our Mark holders to submit their ‘Story of 2020’, which illustrates how the organisation has responded to the demands and challenges created by Covid-19 – i.e. how they are ‘Making a Mark’.

We were really impressed with the quality and variety of submissions, which were scored by an external judging panel, made up of representatives from across the social business sector. The judges commented on the high calibre of the entries and reported it was a tough decision in selecting the finalists.

We are now delighted to announce the below finalists. The winner will be announced next month, with a special competition showcase feature in the Pioneers Post online magazine.

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Photo montage of judgesJudging Panel

Entries were judged according to how engaging they were in describing the key role of social enterprises in the fight against Covid-19. When judging entries, consideration was given to such elements as:

  • Is the impact of Covid-19 on the organisation, its beneficiaries and other stakeholders (e.g. staff) clearly articulated?
  • How has the organisation worked to address these impacts? What results have there been?
  • How imaginative and creative was the subject matter in terms of how the organisation responded to particular issues or needs?
  • How the story is presented and conveyed

Beyond Recovery

Beyond Recovery is a fast growing social enterprise already making a proven difference to people with repeat offending behaviour, complex mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems who are involved in the criminal justice system.

Beyond Recovery aims to help people look beyond mere survival and existence, and instead to move forward, with hope, resilience and purpose in life. The impact of this work creates far reaching ripple effects in communities, relationships, careers, business opportunities, as well as complete recovery from previously intractable diagnoses.

Beyond Recovery submitted the below video as its entry:

Beyond Recovery logo

Forward Carers logo

Forward Carers

Forward Carers is a West Midlands based carer support service, here to make a real difference to the lives of people caring for an elderly, frail, sick or disabled family member. Their aim is simple – to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of carers, young and old, including parent carers, so that families stay healthier and happier together, for longer.

Forward Carers is passionate about creating ‘Carer-Friendly Communities’, so that Carers are better recognised and their contribution to society is truly valued.

Forward Carers submitted the below video as its entry:

Hope Enterprises

Hope Enterprises CIC offers training and work opportunities to people affected by homelessness, drugs, alcohol, poverty, mental health and other disadvantage.

Hope Enterprises runs a range of social enterprises to provide opportunities for clients and to raise funds, all profits from which are re-invested into the company or the parent charity. These include:

  • Hope Catering
  • Hope Charity Shops
  • Hope Gardening
  • Hope Tools

Hope Enterprises submitted the below video as its entry:

Hope Enterprises CIC logo

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise is committed to improving dental health in the South West through treatment, education, community and training.

They do this by:

  • Running Dental Education Facilities in Plymouth, Truro and Exeter, where students from Plymouth University studying for a career in dental health treat NHS patients under the supervision of qualified and experience dental health professionals.
  • Improving awareness of oral health in the wider community, focusing on groups such as schoolchildren, the elderly, parents, those with specific conditions, people with special needs substance abusers, the homeless, prisoners – anyone who needs additional support to improve their oral health.
  • Ensuring access to dental care for all, but especially to those groups who may feel excluded from mainstream dentistry. We do this by taking dental professionals and students out into the community, and inviting the community into our dedicated Dental Education Facilities to get to know us better, and to become more comfortable about coming to us for treatment.

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise submitted the below video as its entry:

University of Winchester logo

University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is a thriving university with a deep commitment to teaching and research excellence. It prides itself on being world-leading in values-driven higher education. Its teaching and research tackles global challenges, students are nurtured to become drivers of economic and social change, and its world-leading research and partnerships focus on making the world a better and more innovative place.

It is committed to being a university community where all individuals matter, where well-being is paramount and pastoral care is of the highest quality. A place where people, the planet, and all living things are held in the highest regard. The University campus is one of the best for low-carbon, sustainable management.

The University of Winchester submitted the below video and written overview as its entry:

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