Social Entrepreneur Index

Opportunities to support the Social Entrepreneur Index

Now more than ever is a time for social entrepreneurs to celebrate. Not only to recognise where they have come from, but to look to the future and inspire and stimulate further growth across the sector. The Social Entrepreneur Index explores and celebrates the UK’s social entrepreneur success stories and challenges more people to consider the social impact of their own actions.

The Index is engaging with a range of audiences and they are looking to develop relationships with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial partners who will support the work of the Index.

These partners will form a carefully selected group of organisations that provide genuine value to social entrepreneurs. The index engages a wide audience including aspiring and start-up social entrepreneurs; established social entrepreneurs who act as beacons to inspire others; ambassadors who are leading lights in the sector; and individuals who are not currently involved with the sector, but may be interested in philanthropic investments or even starting their own social enterprise.

For more information and to get involved, contact Neina Sheldon.