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Piloting a new approach to social enterprise assessment

We have recently been working with our friends at EFQM to learn how we can take a new approach to assessment as we scale our business. EFQM adopt a ‘volunteer assessor’ model and we are looking to pilot a similar approach with those organisations that are either already accredited or are considering applying for our social enterprise accreditations.

It is envisaged that this new scheme would provide training (SEM Certified Assessor Training) to those individuals that wish to become an assessor; they would become a Social Enterprise Mark Accredited Assessor (accredited by us) and then commit to a minimum of one assessment per year.  We would then allocate assessments as they arise.

There are a number of advantages for business in taking part:

  1. It provides an opportunity to benefit other social enterprises (added social/community value for your own business/social enterprise)
  2. Provides rewards and kudos to those taking part in becoming Accredited Assessors (i.e. they would be able to use for CPD and personal development purposes). We would also provide certificates and badges for LinkedIn and other platforms as well as joining a global database of Social Enterprise Mark Accredited Assessors
  3. Gives and insight into good and alternative practice in other social enterprises as well as benchmarking your own practice giving ideas on how to improve
  4. Gives greater insight and understanding for the Mark Holders taking part to enable more effective input and enable greater engagement and insight into the value of the Social Enterprise Mark
  5. Spreads knowledge and good practice more effectively, empowering our Mark holders

It is envisaged that this pilot will run during 2022, with the first step being developing the training course.

If you are interested in this pilot or have names (including contact details) of colleagues that you would like to suggest for this opportunity, please get in contact with Lucy Findlay by the end of January 2022.

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