Renew Your Social Enterprise Mark

The Social Enterprise Mark is an independent certification process, for which there is an annual licence.

It is not a membership body.  To ensure you continue to meet the strict criteria, renew your Social Enterprise Mark by answering a few simple questions below.

The Social Enterprise Mark team will be in touch to confirm details of your renewal on receipt of payment.

Does your organisation want to be the best at what it does, striving to achieve social enterprise excellence?

SEM_APPROVED_LOGO_RGB_PORTRAIT_AWIf your organisation can demonstrate best practice in proof points in governance, business ethics and financial transparency, then you should apply for the Social Enterprise Gold Markthe route to social enterprise excellence.

The Social Enterprise Gold Mark offers enhanced accreditation to Mark Holders.  This is not just about social impact, it’s about measuring what makes a great social enterprise excellent.

Your organisation will be externally assessed by our Certification Panel and asked to set new goals for continuous improvement on a rolling basis every three years.

Further Information

Fee Schedule

Fee tier Annual income Fee (+ VAT)
1 less than £150,000 £350*
2 £150,000 – £499,000 £450*
3 £500,000 – £999,999 £550*
4 £1,000,000 – £2,999,999 £690*
5 £3,000,000 – £5,999,999 £760
6 £6,000,000 – £9,999,999 £1,500
7 £10,000,000 – £14,999,999 £2,200
8 £15,000,000 – £29,999,999 £3,300
9 £30,000,000 – £49,999,999 £5,000
10 £50,000,000 – £99,999,999 £6,000
11 £100,000,000 and above £7,500

These fees are valid from 1st April 2017. The fee tier will be assessed each year at the point of renewal, so if turnover has increased or decreased, the licence fee payable will adjust accordingly.

*Please note – applicants in fee tiers 1-4 will be charged via quarterly standing order payments. It is the applicants’ responsibility to set up the standing order for payments, please contact us with any questions about this.

Criteria Checklist

Below is our Mark Holder renewal checklist to make sure you still meet the qualification criteria. Please answer the following questions to see if you remain eligible to be a Mark Holder.

Do you have access to the most recent company accounts and governing documents (your company constitution i.e. articles of association) for your organisation?

You will need to answer questions referring to relevant details from these documents, therefore it is important that you have access to the information they contain.

Does your organisation remain independent, with its own constitution and governance?

You will need to confirm that no other public or Government agency, or other private corporate bodies hold decision making control of the organisation.

Does your organisation still earn at least 50% of income from trading?

You will need to prove that at least 50% of your income comes from trading. Trading income is defined as income from sales, fees, contracts, service level agreements but NOT pure grant awards, investment income, donations and loans. This information can be found in your company annual accounts.

Is your organisation still committed to social and/or environmental aims, and to investing at least 51% of any annual profits in such purposes, as well as any residual assets should the business dissolve?

Your constitution should ideally define your social objectives, but at the very least confirm that you are trading in support of a clear social and/or environmental purpose, and that a principal proportion (51 % or more) of any profit made* by the business is dedicated to such purposes, as well as any remaining assets, if your organisation was to close.

*Please note it is not mandatory that your organisation makes a profit, but at least 50% of any profit made will need to be dedicated to social/environmental purposes.

Can you demonstrate that social and/or environmental objectives are being achieved?

You must be able to provide three ‘social impact statements’ that provide an illustration of what you are doing to create a social impact.