Social Enterprise Gold Mark

Social Enterprise Gold Mark review update

Social Enterprise Gold Mark consultation 2018 summaryDuring last year we completed a public consultation to inform the development of the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, which also served as an opportunity to reflect upon the core Social Enterprise Mark accreditation, criteria and assessment process.

Since then, we have redeveloped the Gold Mark Framework and assessment process to take account of the major findings from this and the lessons learned from assessments that have taken place over the last five years. Before this is finalised, we are conducting further consultation through which we invite public feedback on the new Framework and process being proposed.

At this stage, there are two central documents that provide details of what this all involves, which we are asking people to review and provide feedback on. These can be accessed by following the links below.

The Gold Mark Assessment Guide and Framework summarises the assessment process, along with the best practice criteria and related evidence requirements that make up the revised accreditation. The Gold Mark Pre-Assessment Review Form represents the initial step in the process, through which we ask organisations to provide evidence of how they meet evidence requirements.

Once you have reviewed the documents, you can provide feedback via the below form. We look forward to receiving your comments.


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