Prove social value in health and social care

Demonstrate your social value to stakeholders with Social Enterprise Mark accreditation

Following The Public Services (Social Value) Act coming into force in 2013, health, social care and public services providers are under increasing pressure to prove that they are creating social value.

With local authorities and commissioners being encouraged and incentivised to consider providers based on social value created, rather than on pure cost, this presents an opportunity for accredited social enterprises to stand out as proven creators of social value.

By becoming an accredited social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark, health and social care providers can prove they operate with the central aim of using income and profits to maximise their positive social impact. In the face of NHS transformations, the social enterprise business model offers a platform which enables providers to deliver more whilst strengthening the business and increasing social value.

Social Enterprise Mark accreditation is proof that a social enterprise is making a real difference, and is valuable in demonstrating social value to commissioners when bidding for public service contracts.

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John Taylor Hospice CEO Kate Phipps on being awarded the Social Enterprise Gold Mark

 Chief Executive of IC24 Rowan Owttrim on being awarded the Social Enterprise Gold Mark “It is important to state the difference between what we do as an independently accredited social enterprise and other companies driven by shareholders. 
We uphold the values of the NHS and adhere to them as NHS partners.  But more importantly, the innovation which we champion looks to support our patients and communities and the whole health and wellbeing economy as we work to develop patient centred care that enables more independent living.”

There are a wide range of health and social care organisations accredited as credible social enterprises with the Social Enterprise Mark, including:

  • Out of hours/urgent care
  • General practices
  • Community healthcare
  • Family services

Such organisations are passionate about making a difference, and use the Social Enterprise Mark to communicate this to stakeholders.

Healthcare providers Integrated Care 24 (IC24) have gone one step further to be awarded the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, demonstrating social enterprise excellence.


Integrated Care 24 particularly excelled in outstanding social enterprise creativity by developing new product innovations.

Profits are used to create social impact through the use of technology for a better patient experience and reduced demands on other services.

For example, ‘mylittleone’ promotes bonding between mother and baby when an infant is in neonatal care.  A camera is placed above the infant’s cot with video streaming to a tablet possessed by the mother wherever she is, which reduces stress and anxiety for them both