Two hands holding mobile phones showing the CoGo app

Social Enterprise Mark incorporated into CoGo impact framework

CoGo logoWe are excited to announce the Social Enterprise Mark is now included in the impact framework for the CoGo app, which makes it easy for consumers to find businesses that do good for people and the planet.

The app lists only organisations that have met the requirements of one or more ‘badges’, which reflect sustainable practices in business operations and products that respect people, the planet and animals. To achieve each badge, an organisation needs to provide evidence that they have committed to sustainable practices within their operation and/or that they’re offering sustainable products to consumers. Each badge has specific standards that must be complied with and businesses are reviewed every two years to ensure ongoing compliance.

To ensure credibility and transparency, CoGo incorporates independent certifications, standards and NGO programme ratings into its badge standards, including the Fairtrade Mark, Marine Stewardship Council, Soil Association, Living Wage Foundation, and now Social Enterprise Mark CIC.

CoGo social enterprise operational badgeGenuine social enterprises that are accredited by Social Enterprise Mark CIC can now automatically achieve the Social Enterprise badge on the CoGo app.

Ben Gleisner, CEO of CoGo said: “We’re so pleased to welcome Social Enterprise Mark CIC (SEMCIC) to our accreditation framework here at CoGo. We are thrilled to be further supporting businesses accredited by SEMCIC, which are waving the flag for purpose before profit and can thus be awarded this badge.

Like us, they are dedicated to paving the way for a better world for both people and the planet and we can’t wait to further support their crucial work by listing more of the organisation’s wonderful businesses on the app and thus helping consumers to put their money where their heart is. Let’s CoGo.”

To find out more about CoGo, watch the below video. You can download the app here.