Social Impact Service

Free service to support Social Enterprise Mark holders in communicating the social impact they create as an accredited social enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Mark has evolved as a means of helping genuine social enterprises to stand out from the crowd, driven by the desire of the sector to distinguish their distinct motivation for being in business – trading to serve social purposes.

What distinguishes Social Enterprise Mark holders is their commitment to maximising social outputs with the income generated through trading, serving the needs of their social stakeholders as a priority over the objective of serving shareholder interests. This specifically requires a commitment to reinvesting at least 51% of annual profits in social purposes.

SE_BRAND_APPROVED_RGBThe qualification criteria for the Social Enterprise Mark now includes a requirement to submit Social Impact Statements,  illustrating how a social enterprise has strived to achieve its social objectives. This enables Social Enterprise Mark holders to prove the social impact they are creating.

In the interests of transparency, these statements are shown in full in individual listings in the Directory of Accredited Social Enterprises.

Support and guidance

We realise that demonstrating and proving impact or value has long remained a difficult question for many social enterprises.

Therefore, we offer tailored support and guidance to applicants and renewing Mark holders in producing their Social Impact Statements. Please get in touch to speak to a member of our experienced team about your social impact, and any other queries about the assessment requirements.

Social Impact Declaration

As part of our exclusive Social Impact service for Social Enterprise Mark holders, we automatically create their Social Impact Declaration on initial application, and renewal of their annual licence.

This enables accredited social enterprises to clearly communicate how they are ‘Making a Mark’ and creating genuine social impact. We promote these Declarations and examples of how they are demonstrating their impact in our Directory and our Making a Mark webpage.