Local Authority Disability Employment
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Find out more about the pioneering businesses supporting disabled people to find and maintain meaningful employment

Local Authority Disability Employment MarkThe Local Authority Disability Employment Mark has been designed to recognise the specific benefits of supported businesses that are embedded in Local Authorities, which provide extra employment support for disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people, who face the greatest barriers to work.

This unique new accreditation was launched in April 2019, with the below organisations leading the way as exemplar employers, committed to providing valuable support to those people that encounter the greatest barriers to work, enabling them to find and maintain meaningful employment.

Find out more about these pioneering businesses below.

Tremorvah Industries employee

Cefndy Healthcare

Cefndy Healthcare

Cefndy Healthcare is dedicated to the task of creating, meaningful  well paid employment for disabled, socially disadvantaged and economically inactive members of the community. They are committed to securing only the best opportunities for a wide range of disabled people to achieve paid work and development opportunities.

Part of Denbighshire County Council, Cefndy services the healthcare industry in the UK and abroad, by manufacturing and supplying aids to daily living.

Employees at Cefndy Healthcare

County Print Finishers staff

County Print Finishers

County Print Finishers logo

County Print Finishers (CPF) is a supported Business that can trace it’s roots back to 1946, and has been continually supporting people to learn new skills for external employment ever since.

Today CPF is a modern print, data destruction and packaging industry serving a range of customers across the county to ISO9001 and BS15713 standards.

They support adults furthest from employment to gain essential skills to move into external employment. People are paid whilst they learn and once external employment is found they’re on hand to provide advice and support to ensure that employment is sustainable.

“County Print Finishers was keen to achieve the new Local Authority Disability Employment Mark to demonstrate our commitment to help people with a disability in Oxfordshire to find and stay in work, whilst also promoting excellent standards in the supported employment sector.”

Tremorvah Industries

Tremorvah Industries logo

Tremorvah Industries is an award-winning, commercially focused ‘Supported Business’, employing 50 staff in Cornwall, 70% of which have a recognised disability ranging from physical, mental health to learning disabilities.

Tremorvah offers mobility equipment retail, hire and servicing and textiles services for the private and public sector.

Their team not only deliver services which support the Local Authority, NHS and communities, but Tremorvah has always offered employment opportunities for people with disabilities, helping them become employment ready.

“I believe the Local Authority Disability Employment Mark is an important step for maintaining the ongoing quality within Supported Businesses. With this in mind it completely makes sense for Tremorvah Industries to pursue accreditation and fits with one of our aims to continuously improve.”

Tremorvah Industries employee