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True Leaders film project

True Leaders; A film project exploring authenticity and ethics in leadership

Tim SegallerTim Segaller is a leadership coach and mindfulness trainer, who recently ran a workshop at the Social Enterprise Mark CIC Conference on resilient leadership in social enterprise. He is currently making a short film exploring authenticity and ethics in leadership, and is looking for subjects – highly effective leaders who are inspired by this theme to share their experience and wisdom.

Tim would like to interview leaders in a range of settings (private, public and third sector) who are naturally drawn to the concepts of ‘authenticity’ and ‘ethics’ in leadership, as being vital responses to our current social and environmental challenges. In a nutshell, this is about leadership that’s deeply rooted in self-awareness, the courage to stay true to oneself and one’s values, and the ethical imperatives of making decisions that serve the best interests of others and wider society.

Tim will be selecting subjects on a wide range of criteria. If you are chosen as a subject, you’ll be featuring in a film that will hopefully add to collective wisdom about authenticity and ethics in leadership, and generate media attention in the process. In addition, he will provide you with your individual filmed interview to use as you wish (e.g. to show on your own website).

For more detailed information and to apply to be a film subject, go to: