University of Westminster launches first industry-backed Social Enterprise MSc

To coincide with Social Enterprise Day (19th November), the University of Westminster has launched a new Social Enterprise MSc, which is the first course of its kind to gain official endorsement from the social enterprise sector.

We have been involved in the development of the course and facilitated a number of focus group sessions with sector representatives to inform the course content and structure. We are proud to endorse this course, which we believe will equip students with a practical toolset combining the theory, knowledge and skills to make a positive difference through social enterprise.

The course, which can be studied full-time over one year or part-time over two, is designed for people with an interest in or already working within existing social enterprises, as well as social entrepreneurs, advisors, officials, and sector representatives. It offers an opportunity to gain a formal qualification, learning from other participants working in the sector and interacting with established social enterprises and their advocates.

Talking about the course, Course Director Dr Joy Tweed said:

Dr Joy TweedIf the pandemic has taught us anything it is that businesses need to adapt to the new normal. Consumers are looking for brands and organisations which are acting ethically, sustainably and empathetically in today’s unsettling world. And, whilst social enterprise isn’t a new concept, it’s certainly gathered momentum in recent years. Given its disruptive nature, it is an approach to business that is well-equipped to support the enormous challenges now facing our society. 

“Social enterprises have the power to deliver the changes now being demanded by society. Here at the University, we’re committed to supporting a wide range of Sustainable Development Goals. We are also committed to empowering people from disadvantaged backgrounds or minorities. Our Masters course is purposefully practical and ‘of the moment’. We don’t just teach you the theory and concepts surrounding social enterprise, but you’ll also develop the essential skills and abilities needed to lead, support or create sustainable social enterprises that not only deliver value to their customers and stakeholders, but also create a positive impact in the communities they seek to serve.”

Lucy Findlay MBE, Managing Director of Social Enterprise Mark CIC, said: “We are delighted to provide endorsement for Westminster Business School’s MSc Social Enterprise. During our 10-year track record in social enterprise accreditation, we have often been frustrated at the lack of clearly- focused social enterprise education. It’s great to see a Master’s course that combines academic rigour and practicality within a very engaging format. I hope that it will encourage a diversity of applications from people in all walks of life to develop the breadth of their knowledge in both setting up and working in an existing social enterprise.”

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