Heidi Fisher

What’s stopping you scaling your social enterprise? Or what has stopped you?

Heidi Fisher of Make an Impact CIC is undertaking some research to look at the barriers to scaling social enterprises – with a view to identifying if the barriers that women face are different.

Heidi is keen to speak to social entrepreneurs that:

  • Have scaled their social enterprise;
  • Have considered scaling their social enterprise and decided not to; or
  • Are planning on scaling their social enterprise

You can participate in the research in two ways:

  1. By arranging an interview (via zoom or telephone and approximately 20-30 minutes long) – please email heidi@heidiLFisher.com to arrange a convenient time
  2. By completing the online survey.

Heidi is aiming for the research to reflect the diverse nature of the social enterprise sector and would welcome the opportunity to hear about your experiences around scaling your social enterprise and any specific barriers you faced.