What is the Social Enterprise Mark?

Prove you are a credible social enterprise, committed to creating benefits for people and planet with Social Enterprise Mark accreditation.

The Social Enterprise Mark

The only internationally available social enterprise accreditation scheme, enabling organisations to prove they are in business to create benefits for people and the planet.

The Social Enterprise Mark is an independently assessed guarantee of a company’s commitment to trading for the benefit of people and planet. It provides reassurance to consumers that a company is living up to its social and environmental claims.

6 simple steps to social enterprise accreditation

Application process

What does the Social Enterprise Mark say about a business?

The Social Enterprise Mark is only awarded to credible social enterprises that can prove they operate with the central aim of using income and profits to maximise positive social and/or environmental impact, taking precedent over a requirement to maximise personal profits for owners and shareholders.

Applicants must meet sector agreed qualification criteria in order to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark, and are re-assessed each year to ensure they continue to meet the criteria. The Social Enterprise Mark is not a membership scheme – it is an accreditation, subject to an independent Certification Panel.

What are the benefits?

Differentiate from competitors

Stand out from your competitors as a credible social enterprise, independently assessed and proven to be creating social impact

Demonstrate your credibility

Social Enterprise Mark accreditation is subject to an assessment process, safeguarding the credibility of  genuine social enterprises that can prove they are making a difference

Demonstrate your social impact

The Social Enterprise Mark helps you to demonstrate and communicate how you are striving to make a difference