Why become an accredited social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark?

Key benefits of becoming an accredited social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark

Prove your credibility

Prove your social enterprise credentials, by submitting to the scrutiny of an external assessment process. This process safeguards the credibility of genuine social enterprises that can prove their commitment to creating benefits for people and planet.

The Social Enterprise Mark is the only accreditation to independently assess organisations against sector agreed criteria to provide a guarantee of a commitment to trading for the primary benefit of people and planet. 

Differentiate from competitors

Stand out from competitors, by demonstrating you have been scrutinised against robust accreditation criteria, and have proven that your organisation puts people and planet before the interests of shareholders.

Statistics from 2016 Social Enterprise Mark CIC stakeholder survey

Communicate your social ethos

4/5 of social enterprises use their social enterprise status in marketing their products and services* – the Social Enterprise Mark helps with this.

Demonstrate your social values to internal and external stakeholders – displaying the Social Enterprise Mark enables you to start conversations about your social mission. 

*2017  State of Social Enterprise Report

Collaboration and peer learning

We facilitate collaboration amongst our international network of social enterprises, and encourage Social Enterprise Mark holders to work in partnership to create combined social value. 

Mark holders have access to networking and peer learning opportunities at our annual conference, with a varied and interactive programme to stimulate debate and learning, including a half day forum exclusively for Mark holders to share knowledge and good practice.

Priority and subsidised access to events

Get priority access to events and benefit from a subsidised rate on tickets to our annual conference. In 2016-17, Mark holders saved a combined total of over £3,000 compared to standard ticket prices.

We also run occasional events exclusively for Mark holders, and support our network to facilitate their own events, including promotion and providing materials/speakers etc.

Get noticed

Get featured in the Social Enterprise Mark directory of accredited social enterprises, which is viewed by approx. 700 people per month. Social Enterprise Mark holders have their own profile on the directory, which includes details about the organisation with contact details and links to website and social media channels, as well as evidence of social impact.

Marketing & communications

Benefit from promotion to an extensive online audience. Our communications channels are a valuable resource for you to raise your profile as an accredited social enterprise, with a combined monthly reach in excess of 65,000. Get featured in our weekly news bulletin, and share your news via our website and social media channels.

Mark holders can also take advantage of exclusive resources to promote their status as independently guaranteed social enterprises, including free flyers and marketing toolkits and templates.

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