This is the only directory to list only independently accredited social enterprises that meet recognised standards of good practice.

It displays social impact evidence, which demonstrates these organisations’ commitment to creating benefits for people and planet.


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    3 Spirit UK

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    Abbeycroft Leisure

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    Access Dental

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    Access Health Care

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    Allied Health Professionals Suffolk CIC

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    Appoint Us Services (Midlands) CIC

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    Aston University

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    Badger Healthcare Ltd

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    Bedford On Call (Bedoc)

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    Big Issue Group

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    Big Issue Invest

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    Big Issue Scotland

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    Brighter Futures

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    Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company Ltd

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    Business Launchpad Limited

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    C3 – Consult and Coach for a Cause

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    Cardiff Met Students’ Union

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    Cardiff Metropolitan University

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    Care Opinion

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    Charity Bank

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    Chocolate Films Limited

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    CLARITY & Co.

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    Co-wheels Car Club

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    Community Campus 87 Ltd

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    Community Land & Finance CIC

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    Community Transport Waltham Forest

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    Compass Project Bristol CIC

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    CU Social Enterprise CIC

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    Cumbria Health on Call

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    Devon Doctors

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    DHU 111 (East Midlands) CIC

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    DHU Health Care CIC

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    Discovery (Dimensions Somerset SEV)

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    Dorset Centre for Rural Skills Ltd

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    Dorset Community Transport

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    Ealing Community Transport

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    East Lancashire Medical Services

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    Emmaus Cambridge

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    Epic CIC

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    First Steps Bath

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    Forward Carers Consortium

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    Fotonow CIC

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    Haven Products Ltd

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    HealthWatch South Tyneside

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    Help & Care

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    Help & Care Development Ltd

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    Herts Urgent Care

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    HISBE Food

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    HomeFirst Plus

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    Hope Enterprises CIC

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    Inclusion Healthcare Social Enterprise CIC Ltd

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    Integrated Care 24

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    Investors in People CIC

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    Invicta Health Community Interest Company

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    Iridescent Ideas CIC

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    Jericho Foundation

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    Just Ask Domestic Services CIC

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    Key Fund

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    London Central West Unscheduled Care Collaborative (LCW UCC)

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    Make an Impact CIC

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    Mastercall Healthcare

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    Midlands Psychology CIC

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    Millfields Trust

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    National Lobster Hatchery

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    New Leaf Company

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    Newman University

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    NorthDoc Medical Services Ltd

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    Partners for Possibility

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    Partnership of East London Co-operatives (PELC) Ltd

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    Pembrokeshire FRAME limited

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    Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise CIC

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    Pentland Community Enterprises Ltd

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    Primary Care 24 (Merseyside) Ltd

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    Real Baby Milk (Pollenn CIC)

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    Real Ideas Trading Ltd

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    Renaisi Ltd

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    Restore Trust

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    RF Works (division of Realise Futures CIC)

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    RITE Social Enterprises Ltd

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    Roots Human Resources CIC

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    Selby Trust

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    Sentinel Healthcare CiC

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    Six Degrees Social Enterprise CIC

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    Social Ark CIC

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    Social Enterprise Acumen CIC

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    Social Enterprise Direct

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    Social Enterprise Mark CIC

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    Social Telecoms CIC

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    Space to Grow Ltd

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    Start Creative

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    SWFT Clinical Services

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    The Wesley Hotel

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    Trident Business Centre

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    University of Northampton

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    University of St Mark and St John

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    University of Winchester

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    Urgent Health UK

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    Watford Workshop Ltd

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    Wave Leisure Trust Limited

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    Wessex Resolutions CIC

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    Westway Community Transport

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    Yateley Industries

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    York St John University