Social Enterprise Mark CIC

Enabling social enterprises through independent accreditation

Social Enterprise Mark CIC is an award-winning international social enterprise accreditation authority, which recognises and builds the capabilities of social enterprises as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximising social impact.

We have over ten years’ experience of providing clear standards for the social enterprise sector, defining what it means to be a genuine social enterprise.

We are the only social enterprise accreditation body to operate as a social enterprise and were named in the top 40 UK social enterprises in the 2020 SE100 Index and Social Business Awards.

Our world- first accreditations ensure that the business model remains ethical, credible and commercial.

Aspiring Social Enterprise accreditationSocial Enterprise Mark

Social Enterprise Gold Mark

Social Enterprise Mark CIC provides clear standards for the social enterprise sector.
We assure the business model remains credible, ethical and commercial through independent accreditation, which enables social enterprises to prove their credentials.

We have seen a continued increase in the average financial performance of Mark holders.

For Mark holders who held the Social Enterprise Mark/Gold Mark in both 2016/17 and 2017/18, the median average turnover reported by Mark Holders increased by more than £84,000, from £912,049 to £996,287. At least 42% of Mark Holders reported an increase in their turnover*.

We led the way in formalising an agreed definition of what constitutes genuine social enterprise. Since the launch of the Social Enterprise Mark back in 2010, we have acted as a beacon for promoting, upholding and developing the standards that underpin this. 

The Social Enterprise Mark now has a presence in 10 different countries, including South Africa, Spain, and the UAE. We have developed an international assessment process that can be applied anywhere in the world and welcome applications from social enterprises across the world.

We have over ten years’ experience of social enterprise accreditation and providing credible standards to support genuine social enterprises to prove their credentials

We have developed a comprehensive pathway to standards of good practice and excellence via our evolving portfolio of externally assessed accreditations.

Our Mission

To assure the social enterprise business model remains ethical, credible and commercial through accreditation

Our Vision

A world in which there is commitment to social enterprise as a means to achieve positive social and environmental change

Our Purpose

Social Enterprise Mark CIC exists to recognise and build the capabilities of social enterprises as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximising social impact above shareholder profit.

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*We started to collect this data for all Mark Holders during 2017, so this median figure is only based on Mark Holders that provided figures for both periods concerned. The percentage of Mark Holders reporting increased turnover is based on total Mark Holders at the end of 2017/18, including those where we were unable to determine if there was an increase or not. However, other indications suggest these increases are likely to be higher: the median average turnover of all Mark Holders, including new successful applicants in 2017/18, is now £1,161,105; and if we only consider those Mark Holders where turnover figures for both years were available, the number reporting an increase in their turnover is actually 63%).