Do I qualify?

Take our short quiz to find out if your business is eligible for Social Enterprise Silver Mark accreditation

Social Enterprise Silver MarkFind out if your organisation is likely to qualify for the the Social Enterprise Silver Mark accreditation by completing this short quiz.

Does your organisation have a clear social or environmental mission?

Is your organisation independent and controlled/owned in the interests of your social mission?

Does your organisation earn more than half of its income through trading?

Does your organisation invest a majority (51%+) of any profits in achieving social purposes?

Does your organisation commit that assets will be used for social purposes, in the event of company dissolution?

Can your organisation demonstrate how your social and/or environmental objectives are being achieved?

Can your organisation demonstrate robust governance, which embeds social objectives in top-level governance arrangements, business planning and objective setting?

Can your organisation demonstrate effective stakeholder engagement?

Can your organisation demonstrate ethical and good business practice, which reinforce your social objectives?

Can your organisation demonstrate financial transparency?

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