Social Enterprise Gold Mark Assessment Framework

How to achieve the mark of excellence for social enterprise

SEM_APPROVED_LOGO_RGB_PORTRAIT_AWThis framework is set for companies to show evidence on how they either strive to achieve or have achieved these goals.

The Gold Mark is a tool for continuous improvement, and the assessment process sets benchmarks to measure how far you’ve come and determine where you go next. These goals are revisited on a three yearly-basis.

You are not required to meet all aspects of the framework, but should be able to demonstrate compliance with a wide variety of the items referred to. If you would like to discuss these eligibility requirements in more detail, then please contact us and we will arrange for an assessor to call you.

Click here to download the Social Enterprise Gold Mark assessment framework.

Criterion GGovernanceMemorandum & Articles
• does it include clauses for an inclusive board?
• does it require stakeholders & employees with majority representation on the board?

Board induction & training
• are there a diverse range of skills present?
• how do you improve skills?

Board processes
• are they democratic?
• accountable?
• communicating?

Criterion HBusiness Ethics and Good Business PracticePolicies and examples of good practice in
• workers’ pay
• staff involvement in company governance
• equality & diversity policy
• health & safety
• complaints procedure
• health and safety policy
• social audit process
Criterion ISocial Impact and Financial TransparencySustainability:
• is evidenced through audited accounts and management accounts
• plans in place to sustain traded or contracted income
• evidence how social value is achieved through investment and activity within the business
• evidence how profit is distributed to achieve social & environmental impact

The Social Enterprise Gold Mark Assessment Process

Your assessment for the Social Enterprise Gold Mark is designed to be both a comprehensive and engaging process, examining various aspects of your business operation, the social and environmental value and impact you are achieving, and inviting contributions from your workforce.

When you are ready to apply, simply complete the short registration form and we will support you through the process, which involves:

  • An initial submission of evidence where you are asked to explain how you believe you are meeting the different Gold Mark criteria and provide other information in support of this.
  • Employee and stakeholder survey.
  • A telephone discussion with a nominated senior representative to talk through the evidence you have provided and plan the remainder of your assessment.
  • Interviews with senior management, employees and where appropriate other stakeholders.

Following completion of your assessment, a report will be compiled and submitted to our Certification Panel for a final decision. We will then review the report findings with you.

If you are successful in achieving the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, you will be required to confirm how you continue to meet the criteria on an annual basis by updating your original evidence. Every 3 years you will be required to complete a full assessment as above.

The price of the Social Enterprise Gold Mark is provided on application, as it depends on the complexity and size of your organization.