How is the Social Enterprise Mark different?

There is often confusion between the various ‘badges’ available to organisations looking to prove their social and ethical credentials.

Social Enterprise MarkThe Social Enterprise Mark is the ONLY internationally available accreditation that independently guarantees that a business operates as a social enterprise, using profits to achieve social and/or environmental purposes. It is NOT a membership body and approval is not automatic – not everyone applying for the Social Enterprise Mark is successful, but we do always give advice on required changes.

We also review Mark Holders’ continuing eligibility on an annual basis, and whenever an organisation is found to no longer be meeting our criteria, their Mark Holder status is removed.

To help illustrate the key differences between the Social Enterprise Mark and other certification/accreditation/membership schemes, we have produced a useful comparison which lays out the differences between Social Enterprise Mark accreditation, B Corporation certification, and the Social Enterprise UK members badge.

Comparison table showing differences between Social Enterprise Mark accreditation, B Corp certification and SEUK membership