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Listen to/watch interviews with Social Enterprise Mark CIC

Sophie Short speaks on this webinar with Sara Osterholzer, which gives an introduction to social enterprise and busts common myths around definitions, structures and finance models etc…

Lucy Findlay speaks on the Flourish Together podcast, where she shares how social enterprise support infrastructure organisations have been responding to Covid-19…

Quote from Lucy Findlay; "What the time of Covid has allowed us to do is really go back and drill down into some of our partnerships and say 'how is it that we can add value? And rather than competing with each other, where is it that we can use our collective points and unique points to build a better world?'"

Lucy Findlay speaks to Erinch Sahan for the WFTO podcast about how social enterprises are coping during Covid-19 and their vision of a world populated by more mission-led enterprises…

Lucy Findlay speaks on a CIP and Supply Change panel session looking at the future of social enterprise after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Ben Carpenter of Social Value UK about why social value is important to her and Social Enterprise Mark CIC.

Lucy Findlay speaks about social entrepreneurship at the Chamber of Business in Novosibirsk during a peer exchange visit to Siberia in March 2020.

Lucy Findlay speaks to young entrepreneurs Anna and Ilia from the Novoterra network of social entrepreneurs, during a tour of  Novosibirsk social enterprises on a recent trip to Russia.

Lucy Findlay speaks on the WonkHE Show podcast, which looks at new guidance from the Office for Students on access and participation plans, and new data on sexual misconduct on campus.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Kat Luckock for the Share Impact ‘Why Social Enterprise’ virtual summit, which features experts around the world talking about their different perspectives of why social entrepreneurship is needed and the difference it is making.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Daniella Genas for the She’s The Boss interview series, talking about dealing with conflict, politics, and the challenges of running a social enterprise.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Amedeo Watson for the Impact Boom podcast, talking about the story behind the Social Enterprise Mark, and sharing insights into government collaboration, impact measurement and running a social business.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Kat Luckock for the Share Impact podcast, talking about the role social enterprises have to play in setting higher standards, developing new and alternative business practices, and challenging business to do better for  society.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Jamie Veitch for the Business Live radio show, talking about how business can be a force for good, using examples from the Social Enterprise Mark network.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Rhys Morgan for the Social Good podcast, talking about her social enterprise journey and plans for the future.

Lucy Findlay speaks to Tony Loyd for the Social Entrepreneur podcast, talking about a different way of doing business with social enterprise.

Sophie Short speaks to Sian Conway for the Ethical Hour podcast, talking about how to spot an ethical business, how the social enterprise model works and role of independent accreditations.

Lucy Findlay comments on the gender pay gap and calls on social enterprises to be transparent with their own pay differential data.

If you are interested in interviewing a member of the Social Enterprise Mark CIC team for your podcast, please contact Sophie Short or call 0345 504 6536.