Disability Employment Mark Holders for Businesses Based With Local Authorities

Find out more about the pioneering businesses supporting disabled people and embedding equality, diversity and inclusion throughout their organisations.

Disability Employment Mark The new Disability Employment Mark has been designed specifically to recognise businesses that provide extra employment support for disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people, who face the greatest barriers to work.

This unique accreditation was launched in April 2019 and updated following the pilot assessments in March 2022. The learning from the early cohort has led to a new merged accreditation standard, the Disability Employment Mark.

We are delighted to showcase the organisations who are leading the way as exemplar employers, committed to providing valuable support to those people that encounter the greatest barriers to work, enabling them to find and maintain meaningful employment.

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Watford Workshop employees

Tremorvah Industries

At Tremorvah Industries, we understand independence is a priority – and we’re here to help. This is achieved by focusing on personal requirements and circumstances. For a mobile lifestyle, we have the best equipment available.

As a Cornwall Council organisation, we have over 50 years experience in healthcare. We understand the needs of people with disabilities and limited mobility.

Community help is delivered by supportive, caring and friendly staff. This reflects in the provision of quality communications, product knowledge and competitive pricing.

Over 60% of our staff have a recognised disability. This gives us unique insight to challenges faced by many of our customers.

County Print Finishers

County Print Finishers, part of Oxfordshire Employment, is a supported business, operated by Oxfordshire County Council, that provides a range of ISO 9001 quality assured services to the printing and data destruction industry.

Oxford Employment can trace its roots back through 70 years of continuous trading.

We support adults furthest from employment to gain essential skills to move into external employment. People are paid whilst they learn, and once external employment is found we’re on hand to provide advice and support to ensure that employment is sustainable. As a customer, you’re not just buying a service, you’re making a real difference to the lives of local people.