Beco soap bar packaging

Social enterprise soap brand wants you to steal their staff

BECO. logoBECO., the social enterprise soap brand, is taking a new approach to business, calling on competitors and UK employers to take a stand when it comes to recruitment.

1 in 5 people living in the UK are disabled and an estimated 48% are unemployed – that’s over one million job-seekers looking for opportunities and a disability unemployment gap of 30% (only 52% of disabled are employed vs 82% of the general working population). BECO. is on a mission to change that.

BECO. parent company CLARITY & Co. has supported the employment of people with disabilities for 165 years and today sees BECO. launch an employment drive calling on employers to #STEALOURSTAFF and help close the disability unemployment gap.

80% of BECO.’s workforce is visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged – they want to show big corporations the value and skillset in every person by encouraging employers to follow suit and see workability, not disability.

The #STEALOURSTAFF campaign highlights their staff in the hope that those who want to, will go on to secure jobs outside of the organisation and free-up opportunities for new staff in need of employment. Staff profiles will take over BECO. packaging in key retailers Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and on the BECO. website, showing consumers and would-be employers the chance to get to know the talented workforce behind the brand.

Michael BECO employeeI wish other organisations would give people like us a chance. There are so many disabled people unemployed and I’m sure there are plenty of big companies that can do more to help.” says Michael, Team Leader at BECO.

“We want to give people who want to work, the opportunity to work. It’s as simple as that. Some of our staff have been at the organisation for more than 30 years, and as much as we love our team and their loyalty, we want to help them and others have opportunities and so that as a society we can close the disability unemployment gap. We need people to start acting and living their values, not just talking about it.” says Camilla Marcus-Dew, Head of Sustainable Growth at CLARITY & Co.

How you can help make a difference

  • Help BECO. share the suds – Keep buying BECO. soap for your homes and offices. Everyone can create real and sustainable change, just by washing their hands. Every bar of soap and bottle of handwash BECO. sell helps to provide real jobs for people with disabilities. If every person in the UK switched to BECO. soaps, the brand could create 45,000 new jobs for people with disabilities.
  • Make a new hire – Whoever you are looking for and whatever the skill, the BECO. team are some of the most passionate staff you’ll come across, many with decades of experience. Take a look at BECO.’s
    employees and their CVs on the BECO. website.