TheGivingMachine Named ‘Most Trusted Social Enterprise’

Social Enterprise Mark holder TheGivingMachine received the award for Most Trusted Social Enterprise at the very first UK Trust Awards.

The Giving Machine Trust AwardThe award was presented to Richard Morris, CEO and Founder of TheGivingMachine, by Roger James Hamilton and Michelle Clarke, Global Partnership Manager at The Entrepreneurs Institute.

Expressing his gratitude to those who voted, Richard said:

“I’m delighted to say that, thanks to people like you, TheGivingMachine won the 2015 Most Trusted Social Enterprise Award from the Entrepreneurs Institute.Our team is so grateful to serve the wonderful people and causes that are part of our growing community.

Thank you so much for voting for us – together we can unlock many more £millions to achieve even more for the causes that matter to you.”

TheGivingMachine is a unique social enterprise whose sole purpose is to generate free cash donations for UK registered schools, charities, CASC’s and CIC’s via a shopping portal. There are over 1,500 top online shops participating and each gives a percentage of every purchase as a donation to the shoppers chosen schools and charities.

There were 439 entries across the 13 categories of the Trust Awards and thousands of people cast their vote, with the Entrepreneurs Institute donating life saving water for every vote received. Full details can be found on the Trust Awards website.