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Lendology CIC honoured in 2023 NatWest SE100 Awards

Lendology logoLendology CIC has been recognised as a winner in the prestigious NatWest SE100 Awards 2023.

This honour highlights their commitment to driving positive change and sustainability within the lending industry. Lendology was named Climate Champion, solidifying their dedication to combatting climate change through innovative lending solutions.

“At Lendology CIC, we firmly believe that addressing the climate crisis is crucial for building a sustainable future. Being named the Climate Champion in the NatWest SE100 Awards 2023 is a testament to our dedication. We actively incorporate environmental considerations into our lending practices, supporting energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption, and sustainable home improvements. This recognition reinforces our commitment to creating a greener and more resilient society.”Emma Lower, CEO of Lendology CIC.

To find out more about Lendology click here to visit their website.

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