National Empty Homes Week 2023

Lendology raising awareness of Empty Homes Week 2023

Each year, Empty Homes Week offers social enterprise lender Lendology an opportunity to demonstrate the action it is taking to bring empty homes back into use.

Empty Homes Week is a fantastic opportunity to publicise information and assistance for owners of empty properties and to offer residents’ advice on how to report any empty homes causing concern in their neighbourhoods.

Lendology CIC provides council funded loans to homeowners.  The loan scheme allows homeowners to spread the cost of completing a renovation project.  Lendology is able to consider applications from individuals who may have inherited a property but be unsure how to bring it back into use, through to companies converting a portfolio of properties.

Emma Lower, CEO of Lendology said “Empty homes are a valuable resource being put to waste at a time when housing is so important. We understand the challenges people face in financing and renovating empty homes, and a lot of homeowners are unaware of this lending scheme. Our unique approach to lending allows us to solve a range of finance issues in local communities and we love turning empty houses into loved homes”.

For more information about the loan scheme, visit or call 01823 461099.

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