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PELC delivers top-notch employee satisfaction in six month transformation

Following a significant turnaround of the Emergency Urgent Care Centre (EUCC) at the King George Hospital in Ilford by the Partnership of East London Cooperatives (PELC), a recent staff survey has shown that 100% of participants now believe that they are able to give the care they aspire to give.

100% of respondents also stated that they felt trusted to do their jobs, are satisfied with work flexibility and felt encouraged to report errors, near misses or incidents. 97% said that training and development has led to better patient care.

PELC has implemented new initiatives and benefits for employees, including providing its junior members of staff with access to apprenticeships and its middle managers with access to independent company mentors. Senior staff also benefit from external mentoring opportunities. These initiatives form part of PELC’s drive to help staff reach their career aspirations.

93% of participating staff said they would recommend PELC as an employer – an improvement from 87% last year.

Paul, Clinician, stated: “I am able to work at PELC because of their family-friendly working arrangements that allow me to contribute around my personal responsibilities as a carer. All of my line managers are available, listen and work with me to develop services that are based upon patient needs.”

This staff satisfaction survey follows an exceptional turnaround by PELC in the CQC rating of the EUCC at King George Hospital.

Brian Jones, PELCBrian Jones, Chief Executive of PELC, commented: “Our focus over the past few months has been an all-consuming endeavour to improve the facilities and resources at the EUCC, including our staff support and training. We are only as strong as the sum of our parts and our individual staff members are the very backbone of the EUCC, essential to delivering results in caring for the local area.

“I am thrilled at the outcome of our staff survey and we will continue to build upon our infrastructure to allow each and every individual to achieve their potential and give the very best in patient care.

“By successfully bringing our CQC rating up by two grades, we are showing our commitment to our patients so they know they can put their trust in us, and to our staff, so they have the support and resources with which to do their job to the very highest standard.”