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Share your opinions on ethical business and the cost of living crisis

In Good Company logoIn Good Company is currently conducting research for their upcoming Good Report, looking at living sustainably, supporting small businesses with ethics and how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting both consumers and good businesses.

We all know the cost-of-living crisis is putting pressure on us as individuals and that small businesses – especially those operating with ethics – are finding it tough.

In Good Company hears lots of anecdotes about how challenging it is to be an ethical small business owner right now, and how consumer behaviour is changing as a result of the current financial climate, but so far has not seen any real detail published anywhere.

Their forthcoming Good Report will really dig into the detail behind the soundbite, and they want to hear from ethical businesses, to ensure they’re building a genuine, representative snapshot into what’s happening for ethical and sustainable businesses right now.

Visit this link to participate in the survey –

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