Social Enterprise Gold Mark

Social Enterprise Gold Mark Review 2018

Many thanks to Social Enterprise Mark/Gold Mark holders and other partners and stakeholders who took the time to participate in our recent stakeholder consultation as part of a review of the Social Enterprise Gold Mark. This also provided an opportunity to reflect upon the main Social Enterprise Mark and influence the general direction of our social enterprise accreditation services.

Social Enterprise Gold Mark consultation 2018 summarySpecial thanks to those respondents who took part in the telephone interviews, to enable us to explore different responses in greater detail.

We have now completed our analysis of the results and internally discussed our response, along with actions we plan to take. We are pleased to share this summary report, which provides an overview of the consultation findings and how we plan to act on these.

Our plan is to report on progress made with the revision of the Social Enterprise Gold Mark by the end of September 2018. We then plan to consult stakeholders on the new proposals before implementing any final changes that may be agreed in light of this additional feedback. The aim is to launch a revised Gold Mark before the end of the year.

We would welcome any additional feedback you may care to offer regarding these plans. You can get in touch with us by emailing or by calling our helpline on 0345 504 6536.

It should be challenging, it shouldn't be a tick box, that's not what being a social enterprise is about. It's a way of life - to be seen by your peers as what you strive to be