Social Enterprise Gold Mark review

Social Enterprise Gold Mark

In December we will be celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of the Social Enterprise Gold Mark. The Gold Mark continues to generate interest amongst organisations who are open to standing up to the scrutiny of a premiere standard of social enterprise best practice. It provides recognition of their own strengths in this regard, but just as importantly, applicants report how they have learned and benefited from this scrutiny.

As this third anniversary approaches, we believe it is time to reflect upon what we have learned from the assessments of the last three years. We are also keen to invite stakeholders to contribute to a review of the Social Enterprise Gold Mark. From this, we also hope to learn points that may influence the development of the main Social Enterprise Mark, or other potential iterations of these social enterprise accreditations.

This review will help reflect upon what constitutes social enterprise best practice and excellence, along with how this can be reasonably determined in robust and cost-effective ways, for social enterprises of differing shapes and size. Good businesses must always be evolving. We believe the same principle should apply to any good practice standards. Such standards exist to reinforce those capabilities that contribute to business sustainability and improvement, helping create value through how they help a business regularly inform their understanding of this.

The consultation process begins with an online survey that all interested parties are welcome to contribute to. We then aim to conduct personal interviews with selected stakeholders and others that may identify themselves through the survey. You can access the survey below or via this link.

If you are interested in learning more about the current Gold Mark criteria and assessment process, you can find the existing framework here. If you have any further questions about this process or the Social Enterprise Mark, then please contact Richard Cobbett (Assessment & Compliance Manager).

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You can access a full screen version of the survey via this link.