94% of respondents agreed the Social Enterprise Mark provides clear and credible standards for the social enterprise sector and defines what it means to be a genuine social enterprise

Social Enterprise Mark CIC 2019 Stakeholder Survey Report

Earlier this year, we conducted a comprehensive survey of our Mark Holders and other key stakeholders, to help shape the future direction of Social Enterprise Mark CIC and our growing portfolio of accreditation services. Many thanks to all those who took the time to participate in the survey.

Social Enterprise Mark CIC stakeholder survey report 2019We have now analysed the responses and are excited to share this summary report, which highlights the key findings from the survey and illustrates the impact that we have on the social enterprise sector.

The report contains headline findings and statistics, including:

  • Impact and influence of the Mark
  • Impact and influence of Social Enterprise Mark CIC
  • Benefits of accreditation
  • Key business needs for social enterprises

As a customer-focussed organisation, the feedback received is invaluable in helping us to develop robust and credible standards that meet the evolving needs of the expanding social enterprise sector. We will now use the findings to inform our strategic direction and future development of our services.

If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Quote: "As a general indicator of credibility, there is no doubt that the Social Enterprise Mark contributes to the trust and confidence that our business/ contributing partners have in our organisation, and in their willingness to partner with us"








Quote: "Social Enterprise Mark CIC is championing social enterprise as a viable and effective alternative to for-profit business activity"