Assessing social impact

We externally assess the social impact created by accredited social enterprises

Social Enterprise Mark CIC is the only accreditation body to externally assess the social impact created by social enterprises.

All applicants for the Social Enterprise Mark are required to provide evidence of how they meet criterion F of the qualification criteria:

Organisations renewing their Social Enterprise Mark licence are asked to submit new social impact evidence as part of their full review/reassessment every 3 years.

Our directory of accredited social enterprises is the ONLY directory to display social impact evidence, demonstrating these organisations’ commitment to creating benefits for people and planet.

We offer support and guidance to applicants and renewing Mark holders in articulating their social impact.

Applicants are asked to respond to a set of social impact questions, which are designed to help them think about the social impact they create, and to articulate this clearly and succinctly.

Responses to these questions are displayed in the organisation listing on the directory and are  used to create a Social Impact Declaration (a summary of social impact).