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Meet the Social Enterprise Mark Holder: Siul Eile

Siul Eile is a social enterprise helping communities come together to form walking programs and challenges using the under-utilised local environment in their own community and to develop a sustainable walking culture in their community.

We build walking programs using quiet country roads, forest paths, tracks and trails. It is designed for local communities to live quality healthy lives, socialise together and to combat isolation.

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When did your business become a social enterprise and why?

We became a social enterprise in 2017 after completing a social enterprise incubator program with Social Impact Ireland. The reason we choose the social enterprise route was we could see the positive impact our walking programs were having on communities.

What social needs are you trying to address and what types of social outcome are you striving to deliver?

Removing barriers to improving the health and wellbeing of communities. We are striving to deliver improved physical and mental health as well as creating more social opportunities through our walking programs and events.

What is your main reason for having our accreditation? What were your expectations?

The main reason for having the accreditation is it shows we are a bona fide social enterprise.

What does accreditation mean to you? What does it say about your business?

The Social Enterprise Mark means we can proudly showcase our social enterprise credentials. It makes our business stand out from our competitors.

What benefits has there been as a result of being accredited? E.g. did you find the assessment process useful? Do you feel the accreditation give you more credibility as a social enterprise?

The benefits of being accredited include the time out taken in the assessment process to take a deep look into the social impact and the business side of our social enterprise. The accreditation also gives us more confidence and greater purpose going forward when dealing with other organisations.

Are there any specific achievements/accomplishments that are linked to holding the accreditation?

We are one of the first social enterprises in Ireland to hold the accreditation.

What would you say to another social enterprise considering accreditation?

Go for it! The process is rewarding even before getting the accreditation as it looks into all the essential aspects of being a social enterprise operating at the highest of standards.

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What next

If you would like to find out more about becoming an accredited social enterprise please complete our Eligibility Quiz to find out more.