We are supporting the
MadeAtUni campaign

Social enterprise universitiesWe are proud to accredit a number of UK universities as social enterprises, which are committed to enhancing the social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of their communities, society and the world around them.

We recognise the important contribution that universities can make to people, lives and communities across the UK, and therefore welcome the launch of the MadeAtUni campaign today, which celebrates the significant role that universities play in everyone’s day-to-day life.

Lucy Findlay, Managing Director of Social Enterprise Mark CIC said: “Alongside teaching, universities play a much wider role in being part of  local communities and making the world a better place. This is why we have awarded the Social Enterprise Mark and Gold Mark to those that can prove it.

We are pleased to support the MadeAtUni campaign, which will hopefully highlight the amazing and varied contribution that universities make to society.”

For the launch, Universities UK has compiled the UK’s Best Breakthroughs List, which highlights 100 examples of universities are improving lives and enriching our world. From pioneering health discoveries and technological innovations to environmental initiatives, community projects and contributions to art, culture and sport, the list brings to life the many ways universities are improving our everyday lives.

We are delighted that several of our Mark holder universities feature in the list:

To find out more about how universities are offering solutions to local, regional and global challenges, visit the MadeAtUni website.