Social Enterprise Mark CIC

Statement from Lucy Findlay on Closure of Social Enterprise Mark CIC (SEMCIC)

Together with the SEMCIC Board and having taken advice from Bishop Fleming LLP we have made the difficult decision to close our company from 3rd April 2024 and have instructed them as regards a creditor voluntary liquidation to wind up. This means that all client and partner activity will cease.

It is our belief that this is in the best interests of our Mark Holders and partners, considering the very difficult operating environment in which we all find ourselves currently.

For all our loyal valued customers, partners and supporters we are extremely sorry about this situation.

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved over the last 14+ years and it’s been a privilege to have both founded and led SEMCIC, as the pioneering specialist accreditation for our sector. We have led the way in demonstrating and proving the great work that social enterprises across the world do, and valuing what makes them different from shareholder led businesses.

When we started in 2003, social enterprises were poorly understood and lacked credibility. Today, they are legitimate, mainstream ventures which are valued and trusted. SEMCIC has been central to building this legitimacy, and our legacy continues.

I would like to pay tribute to all those who have supported us over the years, including our fantastic Mark Holders, the team, the Board, my fellow shareholder, the Accreditation Panels and our Ambassadors. There are so many who have helped us along the way!

And what next for me? I have yet to decide what I do with my future, but a better way of doing business remains core to my being. This cause remains as urgent as ever so be assured that I will continue to fight for social enterprises, championing the role they play as we meaningfully reframe our world to be a better place for people and planet.

We are in the process of formally instructing Bishop Fleming so they will be in contact with all creditors in due course as regards the liquidation process.

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