Brand preview 2019

In a year of uncertainty,
it’s time for clarity

As we start a new year, there are undoubtedly both challenges and opportunities ahead for social enterprises. Whatever the next 12 months brings for the UK economy, it is likely to be influenced by factors beyond your control. What you can control is how you respond.

Jonathan AlderIn an atmosphere of confusion and doubt, the ability to communicate clearly will help you to stand out. Jonathan Alder of brand agency Alder and Alder has created a free brand preview for social enterprises, which shares insights into the factors that will be most influential in helping you to do that. The aim is to help you communicate more efficiently and more effectively, by focusing on what’s most important.

The preview takes a look at the year ahead and explores the key brand issues that social enterprises need to consider, and suggestions for how to respond to these.

Click here to download the Brand Preview 2019.